Bread Tales

Because any academic's summer isn't busy enough with research, articles, and the inevitable conference travel, the hubbie and I decided to tackle the mysteries of bread this year. Oh yes. For too long, the secrets of gluten have eluded us. We have shivered in the face of words like "proofing", "kneading", and the dreaded "yeast-based". But no more. We shall worship at bread's doughy altar and become masters of the yeast. Or, at least, that's the plan. 

So, stick with us, dear readers. It's going to get doughy. 

The Starters

All our trials and tribulations of getting sourdough starters off the ground. Affectionately named Drake & Taylor. That's right, we've got pop stars for starters. There's a pun somewhere in there about Pop Tarts, but I'm not going to be the one to make it...

Starter-Based Recipes

Now that you have your starter up and running, what on earth do you do with it? There's a lot more out there than just a simple loaf or two. Here are our top recipes that use sourdough starters.

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